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Reviewer: Elron Signed starstarstarstarstar Report
Date: 07/09/18 08:57 pm Title: The Introduction

One of my favorite stories, partially because of the subject matter, and partially because of the way you brought the characters to life.
It would be nice to see more stories (and more mistakes) with the machine. Thank you.

Reviewer: Vintage Ink Signed starstarstar Report
Date: 08/28/17 01:23 am Title: The Introduction

I always write my stories in word. When the website melfunctions I still have the original. Sounds like you write your stories in real time. No way to protect your story.

If you write your story first, including the synopsis, it only takes seconds to post. I've found the webmaster responsive and helpful 😀

Reviewer: 930310 Signed Report
Date: 01/07/17 06:30 am Title: The conclusion

Ok... That ending felt rather rushed.

Reviewer: shooter130 Signed starstarstarstar Report
Date: 01/07/17 04:22 am Title: The conclusion

Love the way it ennded

Reviewer: 930310 Signed starstarstar Report
Date: 12/31/16 09:34 am Title: Reunion

The relationship between Isabelle and Jonathon seems to fluctuate a lot. Also, all this cheesy talk between the two of them seems out of place.

Author's Response: Thank you for the review. I like the conversational breaks in narrative personally. Also, IMO, teenagers relationships fluctuate by the minute, especially teenage girls, and their hormones are always going crazy and presumably if an unexpected gender swap took place it would be worse. Thanks again for your review and please continue to enjoy my *fictional* story.

Reviewer: 930310 Signed Report
Date: 12/31/16 08:56 am Title: Interrogation

You have two almost identical copies of the text posted right next to each other here.

Author's Response: Oops. I'll fix that. Thanks.

Reviewer: bwreds Signed starstarstarstarstar Report
Date: 05/31/16 02:58 am Title: The Introduction

Any way I could convince you to revisit this story? I was getting very connected to the characters before I realized there wasn't another page.

Author's Response: I really thank you for your vote of confidence. I left this site because far too often I would spend a long time writing a chapter and somehow I would get logged out and then all that work would be lost. I got an email that this story was still active recently so I came to see and I just now saw your review. I did try to write the next chapter and it did the same thing again. I don't think I'll be writing much more here, but I will try to set up the story and turn it over to your beautifully capable hands to finish and I look forward to seeing where you take it. Love Ya

Reviewer: CHRIS2K Signed starstarstarstarstar Report
Date: 09/18/15 09:44 am Title: Dinner was a Disaster

great job

Author's Response: Thank you. Is there anything, story line or details, you would be interested in reading more or less of?

Reviewer: Scarlett Cook Signed Report
Date: 09/11/15 04:01 pm Title: The Introduction

Loving the story! Imo there aren't enough story's about being body swapped and going to prom. Keep it up looking forward to more chapters. Just hope the "New" girl doesn't encounter any "mean girls" or boys if you know what I mean.

Author's Response: I'm afraid that she does. However, she handles it well and it is only a short bit. It is just needed to help lead into further parts of the story.

Reviewer: Faye Kistry Signed starstarstarstarstar Report
Date: 09/10/15 11:46 pm Title: The Introduction

Great stuff, this is well written, entertaining and fun.

Author's Response: Thank you. Is there anything, story line or details, you would be interested in reading more or less of?

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