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Reviewer: rtbateman Signed Report
Date: 02/26/16 08:46 pm Title: Chapter 11: This is Halloween

There are some people on our News that don't look human to me. Like General Petraeus and Hillary Clinton and Lois Lerner.
They all have weird traits, like a big smirk, and then there are their hands. They like to stick all their fingers out straight and point them down at a desk or table. They just don't seem human to me.

Author's Response: that does make sense. They must be aliens.

Reviewer: Kathryn Mayhew Signed Report
Date: 09/18/15 12:10 am Title: Chapter 1: Babysitting

I'd love to help with your grammar, Natasa - I didn't mean to upset you as much as give an honest review. I think your writing could improve drastically with a few simple changes, and I'd be very willing to help you out with it if you're interested. I trained for a while as an english teacher (I didn't finish my degree) - so maybe I can give some pointers?

Author's Response: I would love that. I would love to have good stories where people can enjoy and understanding.

Reviewer: Kathryn Mayhew Signed starstar Report
Date: 09/17/15 04:45 am Title: Chapter 6: School

I don't believe I really enjoyed this story Natasa - not because of the story itself, but because of the writing style you used. It did seem childish, which to a point was good for the portrayal of the characters - but the main character seemed rather too immature for his supposed age, and your stilted manner of writing was not easy-flowing and relaxing to read. Is English your first language? It was grammatically correct in most cases, but didn't sound like the way real people speak to other people. I think the story has some promise, but I found the writing style uncomfortable to read.

Author's Response: If you didn't know, you will know now, I am not good at grammar. I went to a special education school. I try my best when it comes to writing. It would be nice if I had someone help me write, but I don't have anyone. Thanks for the comment. It does suck that you gave me a bad rating though, but I don't care. at least I got someone.

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