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Reviewer: Archer Signed starstarstar Report
Date: 07/15/15 09:28 am Title: The First Night

Interesting story so far, but the protagonist in the last chapter he talks about running the station "every evening" yet these events happen on the first night.

Also, we don't get any kind of physical description of him (or even his name) until a ways in the story.

Finally, I would suggest some kind of punctuation, like angled brackets, around the text messages to help differenciate them from the narrative text.

Reviewer: ubougie Signed Report
Date: 07/09/15 05:32 am Title: The Last Week

Yeah, if there's one constant on this site, it is that very short stories tend to get one star out of five. So if that happens to this story, don't let that discourage you. Just make sure that next time your first submission to a story has a longer length (I guess I would recommend about 2000 words to be safe, but certainly more than 500).

Reviewer: Person42 Signed Report
Date: 07/09/15 01:01 am Title: The Last Week

Interesting start. Okay, where do I begin my actual critique.... ah, here. It's too short. I know you said you're new, but it's still far too short. I can't really cast judgement on this yet. I would feel bad about saying it's great or terrible just for you to put in three more chapters (making the word count still abysmal) and have it completely change direction

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