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Reviewer: RachelX Signed Report
Date: 01/02/18 06:33 pm Title: Day In Town

Oh wow, almost three years old; just this little bit written and no updates.Kind of wish I had not read it,; I fear an eternal dangle and frustration never ending.
If you (author) are out there, please give us more.

Author's Response: I am alive and around, just haveing problems continuing the story, it will be continued i just do not know when... Still have to work out the scenes... The story will be continued

Reviewer: Andrew5000 Signed starstarstarstarstar Report
Date: 01/19/17 11:43 pm Title: Day In Town

Could have been good but it looks abandoned now

Author's Response: It is not abandoned... i just have no idea yet how to continue it It WILL be continued... I hope my writers block goes away soon and that i get some good ideas to continue the story

Reviewer: lovesherocket Signed Report
Date: 08/06/15 04:24 am Title: Day In Town

Where is the rest

Author's Response: at the moment the story is on hold because i have a writers block, i dont know when i will continue the story but it will be continued. i am not giving up on it...

Reviewer: Sanro Signed starstarstarstarstar Report
Date: 03/25/15 08:17 pm Title: Day In Town

Cool: 3

Author's Response: fank you :3

Reviewer: Natasa Jessica Signed starstarstarstarstar Report
Date: 03/23/15 05:45 pm Title: Day In Town

Cute. But I have a feeling he's not going to go home. More likely stay out all night.

Author's Response: hehe wait and see what happens in the upcoming chapter ;) i canīt wait till you updated "A Dogīs Life", when will you update it, please let me know :3 *wags his Husky tail*

Reviewer: Andrew5000 Signed starstarstarstar Report
Date: 03/23/15 02:33 am Title: The Breakup

So he only got pills for hair, boobs and ass? Seems like even a man with a feminine features would need more than that. Does this also (unfortunately) mean he is still gonna have man equipment left at the end? if so let me know now so I don't waste my time, especially since 6 months for a transformation seems like a really long time and it would suck to read like 10+ chapters with no payoff.

Author's Response: hehe no he wonīt Justin forgot to buy that part of the TF but he will buy it in the next chapter ;) thanks for reading so far :) *wags his husky tail happily* :3

Reviewer: Natasa Jessica Signed starstarstarstarstar Report
Date: 03/21/15 10:58 am Title: The Breakup

Its got potential, but try making chapters a bit longer in the next ones. At least 1000 words or more. It may be a challenge, but you were half way there. Good luck.

Author's Response: thanks, i will give my best :3 *wags tail* (sorry i am a Husky... a Furry) :3

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