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Reviewer: HowieN Signed Report
Date: 04/20/15 11:17 pm Title: Arc 0, Part 1: Prologue

Haha, ill make sure to provide more offerings then. Cant leave this story unfinished! Oh, and to stop you guys from being eaten...

Thanks for (hopefully) providing the readers with a list!

I was also wondering if Orange laces was okay? Have you heard anything from him(her?) since november?

Author's Response: A friend of hers says that she's been having personal and family troubles. We wish her well and hope to see her return in the future. ~ Hikaro

Reviewer: HowieN Signed starstarstarstarstar Report
Date: 04/19/15 10:47 pm Title: Arc 0, Part 1: Prologue

Loving it so far. Dont have much to say, just feeding the writers...

Although it may be a good idea to publish a list of all the major characters and/or chosen introduced throughout the entire series? It can get a bit confussing at times.

Thanks for writing this!

Author's Response: You're super welcome! We love writing it and we love that you're loving it. And I really have to thank you for the Writer food. Your offering came right in the nick of time! We had just run out of tranquilizers, and the Writers were about to start eating us, but we managed to sate them with your Letter...for now....

Also, in a completely unrelated note, we actually DO have a list of characters for that very reason. However, as it's constantly being updated and changed, and due to the presence of spoilers, we can't publish it. I will talk to Hikaro about publishing a character list for each of the completed stories though, so that should help some with the confusion. Keep watching, cuz we're right in the middle of the next chapter, and (possibly) as soon as it's done we'll post it. Again, thanks so much for the review, it's always nice to hear from the readers :)


Reviewer: Impersonal Imposter Signed starstarstarstarstar Report
Date: 01/21/15 09:40 pm Title: Arc 0, Part 1: Prologue

Awesome job yet again!

Author's Response: WHO ARE YOU AND WHERE DID YOU COME FROM?!!? But in all honesty, thank you. ~ Hikaro

Reviewer: A_Kent Signed Report
Date: 12/17/14 01:25 am Title: Arc 0, Part 1: Prologue

I'm willing to see what you do. But remember, I haven't shown my darkest writing yet. :-)

Author's Response: Even darker writing! I am interested! Glad you liked Sandy's transformation. -The Wedge

Reviewer: A_Kent Signed Report
Date: 12/16/14 11:48 pm Title: Arc 0, Part 1: Prologue

Don't cheapen death.

Author's Response: Not the way you're thinking, either.

Reviewer: A_Kent Signed starstarstarstarstar Report
Date: 12/16/14 08:49 pm Title: Arc 0, Part 3: Night Life

Well that was a disturbing change. I liked it.
Not much to say, I am really interested to see how this turns out, especially the little group of Chosen.

Author's Response: I found a way around the "Don't bring Sasha back to life" clause. I may do it. ~Hikaro

Reviewer: A_Kent Signed starstarstarstarstar Report
Date: 12/07/14 12:34 am Title: Arc 0, Part 1: Prologue

Hurray! Zombie Apocalypse! This should prove interesting.
Now how did Korra end up there? Considering when last we saw her, this probably won't end well.

Author's Response: Yes! Zombies is finally happening in BNW! I convinced Hikaro to let us do it, and this is what happened, and as for the second thing...I'll let you in on a secret, [redacted] is [redacted], and then [redacted], and after that, [redacted] turned it into a pile of [redacted], which led to [redacted]! Now, you have to be quiet about this. We wouldn't want this information to fall into the wrong hands.

Anyways, thanks for giving us Writer food. They were starting to get hungry.
~ Steph

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