Reviews For My new life
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Reviewer: Inanna Signed star Report
Date: 10/18/18 09:31 am Title: Chapter 1

Completely unreadable. Putting things in a sentence and paragraph structure would give all of the stories from this author a chance. As they are, I get a headache even trying

Reviewer: Valentine Signed star Report
Date: 06/25/14 05:20 am Title: Chapter 1

You were given a pill that changed your sex from male to female? That would be worth millions!!!!!!

Author's Response: It's just fake the pill isn't real but the story is I have a v***** because I suffered a acident and my balls were broken so I got a v***** instead so I needed pills to take to make sure it was going well

Reviewer: BalletBoyJamie Signed Report
Date: 06/23/14 07:18 am Title: Chapter 1

To the author:
By your story, and by reading your comments in the reviews, I've had to come to the conclusion that you actually do not realize that there is anything wrong with your writing.

Please confirm you went through an American high school for me. If you are a graduate, and you write like you do completely oblivious to how unreadable it is, then you have single-handedly explained the utter failure of the American "No Child Left Behind" educational system.

No wonder the only jobs left involve operating a cash register or a forklift.

Author's Response: Wow your mean and I'm canadian were the story takes place isn't were I live it's my dream to live there but I'm not actually living there and I don't have to show you anything spell check on my computer is set to auto and just spells the words the way it wants.

Reviewer: The Storyteller guy Signed Report
Date: 06/22/14 07:58 am Title: Chapter 3

Well if your not a troll then click 'preview' before you submit. This makes no sense. Even by sissy story standards. And it doesn't help that it is almost impossible to read as there are no quotation marks, no commas, rarely any full stops or ends to a sentence. It just had little or no effort put in it.

And yeah, I know, 'But I wrote the story down!' Well... Someone could write 'ogabooga ogabooga ogabooga!' down but that doesn't mean they actually put any effort into it.

Reviewer: The Storyteller guy Signed star Report
Date: 06/21/14 09:16 pm Title: Chapter 2

Are you a troll? Or are you serious? Either way, wow! No! No sentence structure, no commas or quotations marks... Just nothing! Other trolls at least put effort into their stories. Jeez.

Author's Response: This happened to me and I'm not a troll spell check keeps on auto checking my words

Reviewer: M A Thermidor Signed star Report
Date: 06/21/14 06:30 pm Title: Chapter 1

Quotation marks, colours, emotions and using other words instead of 'said' would help the story a lot.

Reviewer: TranquilHell Signed Report
Date: 06/21/14 02:03 pm Title: Chapter 1

What is this... I dont even..... What?


Reviewer: Gene Signed star Report
Date: 06/21/14 09:26 am Title: Chapter 1 If this site had negative stars to give, that'd still be too many. There is not one single redeeming quality to this story.

Reviewer: froghorntx Signed Report
Date: 06/20/14 05:46 am Title: Chapter 1

Absolutely awful!!!

Author's Response: How come

Reviewer: Valentine Signed star Report
Date: 06/17/14 10:26 pm Title: Chapter 1

Let's say we didn't.

Use paragraphs. Use punctuation.

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