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Reviewer: Maryjane Signed Report
Date: 02/23/17 06:53 pm Title: Chapter 4: A Brad encounter of the turd kind

Where to go from here?

Author's Response: I'm planning out a few stories that will basically build up the female characters backstories and explain the various rules and limitations of the ritual, I will probably post them on here, right now I am just writing a new Odeus story and editing peace corp for publishing on the Kindle store so will work on the second "episode" after that.

Reviewer: Johanna Bender Signed starstar Report
Date: 07/15/15 11:21 am Title: Chapter 1: A Figure Under Moonlight

You need to work on your writing style to make it more descriptive and grammatically correct. Saying "his penis turned into a vagina" is not a good description of the process. Also, saying that the character looks like a character from some series should require that the character is well known to your readers. I have o idea who the guy is, so it leaves me cold.

Author's Response: I'll go back and rewrite the intro and I said that the MC acted like the character, not that he looks like him plus I did describe him "He is 5"6 with short black hair with an average build"

Reviewer: sissy tracy Signed Report
Date: 08/14/14 05:27 pm Title: Chapter 1: A Figure Under Moonlight

Loved this story. Cant wait for more to be added and yes please make this a permanent series

Big sissy kisses

Author's Response: Sure thing I will try to finish the pilot by Sunday but there may not be a new story for a while due to school starting on Monday and my schedule will be completely filled up.

Reviewer: Karenv Signed Report
Date: 08/06/14 03:07 am Title: Chapter 1: A Figure Under Moonlight

good start.

Reviewer: Kazumy Signed starstarstarstar Report
Date: 05/15/14 10:22 am Title: Chapter 1: A Figure Under Moonlight

HMmmm.. interesting take and result , can't wait to read more

Reviewer: diaperdd Signed starstarstarstar Report
Date: 05/14/14 06:49 pm Title: Chapter 1: A Figure Under Moonlight

interesting start. wish it was a little longer but so far so good. looking forward to reading more

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