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Reviewer: astralInferno Signed starstarstarstarstar Report
Date: 05/17/19 04:56 am Title: Chapter 1

I just read all two-and-a-half-and-a-oneshot of this series, and I loved them all. Perfect balance of plot and smut, good smut, good plot, good worldbuilding, great characters. Kept me up two hours past my bedtime. If ever you come back to this, I know that I for one will be happy to see it!
Still hoping to see a happy end for Amethyst Star one day.

Reviewer: Kylia Signed starstarstarstarstar Report
Date: 04/30/18 07:18 pm Title: Chapter 6

I really love this story - like all your stories. If you ever end up updating it at some point, I'd love to read more.

Reviewer: Kylia Signed starstarstarstarstar Report
Date: 04/30/18 06:55 pm Title: Chapter 3

I love Beth's use of Fanfiction/over the top Erotica descriptors. Really makes her character feel real and is just hilarious in general.

Reviewer: Kylia Signed starstarstarstarstar Report
Date: 04/30/18 06:49 pm Title: Chapter 1

Hm. You certainly have my attention. I probably wouldn't pick up a story like this if it wasn't part of the Paragon Verse/By an author as good as you, but it is as well written as the other stories I've read so far. I look forward to reading the rest.

Reviewer: Candice Spycraft Signed Report
Date: 09/12/14 01:07 pm Title: Chapter 6

6 months! It's been six months since you updated this!
I think I've read everything except The Itch now. I guess you leave me no choice...

Reviewer: Vareki Signed starstarstarstarstar Report
Date: 03/12/14 02:19 pm Title: Chapter 6

Sarah has really got an awkward power, of the sort that hides all sorts of little horrors. Any power that comes with the caveat of messing with your mind when you use it is too costly in my opinion. For some reason, I've just got a primal distaste for anything that gets inside your head and changes who you are (which is also why I didn't enjoy your pre-paragon story The Itch, even though it was written beautifully; mental redecorating creeps me right out, and even a good end feels like a bad end in that context, to me). I haven't minded so much, since the way you've written it has definitely been more like "I'm coming to terms with my situation - and liking it" rather than mindbreaktown.

Or maybe you've just been too subtle for me up until these past two chapters :P

Still, its a very interesting trainwreck in progress to watch happen. After all, this is a humour story as much as anything, so there's no way that things are going to get simpler for our potential heroine. Seeing the Paragonverse from the civilian level is just as enticing as seeing it up on the rooftops and atop death-beams, and I can't wait to see what problems Sarah throws at herself next.

Oh, and reading Beth is presumably just as fun as it is to write for her. She's such a dork, its awesome.

Reviewer: Grover Signed Report
Date: 03/07/14 12:37 pm Title: Chapter 6

Willpower? Serenity? Sarah? That is so not happening with any teen who so vulnerable to wanting to fit it and up to now was not one of the popular girls.

Beth really needs to be here too, but Sarah will keep that secret until its drawn out of her with red hot tongs!


Reviewer: ubougie Signed Report
Date: 03/07/14 11:48 am Title: Chapter 6

Darryl reminds me a bit of Morpheus or The Oracle from The Matrix. Sort of like "I know everything, but I'll only teach you what you need to know and in the way I see fit." He also reminds me of my favorite psychology teacher (well, honestly I've only had two, and my other one was great, so, yeah, I think I like this Darryl guy).


Reviewer: Baronesa Signed starstarstarstarstar Report
Date: 03/07/14 11:27 am Title: Chapter 6

Willpower and serenity... from a teen...


Reviewer: Roadbandit Signed starstarstarstarstar Report
Date: 03/07/14 10:47 am Title: Chapter 6

Excellent chapter,a great read!

Reviewer: reprobate Signed starstarstarstarstar Report
Date: 03/06/14 01:44 pm Title: Chapter 1

words fail me. this is just terrific.

Author's Response: *smiles* I'm glad you enjoy it!

Reviewer: Grover Signed Report
Date: 03/06/14 01:14 pm Title: Chapter 5

Why do I suddenly get a flashback to Agent Jay's first sight of the MIB HQ lobby? :)

Author's Response: That is an entirely appropriate mental image haha.

Reviewer: WhoIAm Signed Report
Date: 03/06/14 12:38 pm Title: Chapter 5

I can't say I'm huge fan of smut, not that I can't enjoy it, but even if I couldn't enjoy it, there always the awesome characters and humour.

And you've gone way beyond cliffhangers into something else in your stories, like hanging over an abyss into nowhere or something. Sadly, abysshanger sounds horrible.

Author's Response: I purchased the cliffhanger deluxe special some time ago. I'm glad you're enjoying the characters, even if smut isn't your thing :)

Reviewer: Roadbandit Signed starstarstarstarstar Report
Date: 03/06/14 10:23 am Title: Chapter 5

Another awesome chapter,your a big fan of cliff hangers ! You give us two in this chapter,love the story line.great job!

Author's Response: *grins* Glad you're liking it!

Reviewer: Sir Fervante Signed starstarstarstarstar Report
Date: 03/06/14 10:02 am Title: Chapter 5

I'm going to bet with an out-of-order elevator that goes straight down to a ninja sex lair.

Author's Response: You have a dirty, dirty mind. I like it.

Reviewer: Ursus Quaestio Signed Report
Date: 03/05/14 08:10 pm Title: Chapter 1

F2M isn't my bag but I had such a great ride in Heroes that I'm going to keep an eye on this one.

Something that does concern me is this relationship. I guess we can ask ourself about the psychology of a shapeshifter when form becomes flexible, but something I loved about Heroes was the fact that Ian/Kara was a suppressed transexual. It made the transformation and the acceptance and enjoyment believable and uplifting. I'm concerned that in the sake of appeasing Beth that Sarah will sacrifice her identity.

Granted, there's nothing so far to indicate what will ultimately occur, or how Sarah will develop as time goes on, but I feel she's being led by the dick and Beth may be taking advantage of this, subconsciously. Beth herself may not realize it, but if Beth is really so hot but still single, it's probably from something. In her mind, Sarah could be a safe zone. Sarah, for her part, is attracted to Beth and her subsequently accepting her so easily puts her at ease.

I.... I just do not feel the same way I did about Kara and Diane here. I need more, and I'll continue to follow, but where I saw what was happening and liked it in Heroes I'm afraid Sarah will be the only one here to lose something for a relationship. If we're supposed to accept the idea of Sarah changing herself for Beth, then why can't Beth change herself for Sarah? If love conquers all and Sarah is meant to embrace the manhood, then conversely why is Beth not held to the same standard? It feels unfair, just because it's something Sarah desperately wants. I fear she's going to end up trapped.

Maybe I'm missing something, and maybe something will happen soon, but if she's a shapeshifter then I don't think Sarah should have to sacrifice what she wants to be for what someone else wants if they aren't willing to give more. It doesn't feel like love. It feels like teenagers. And teenagers are so stupid.

Still your fan,

Author's Response: I definitely hear your concerns, and hope to adress them within the story. I adore the trope of lovers changing each other for the better; I abhor the one that has one party do all the changing to please their partner. And you're absolutely right - they are teenagers, and I chose that age deliberately because teenagers are still trying to find themselves. This really isn't a story about True Love; it's a story about Sarah finding out who she is and isn't. That, and smut.

Reviewer: ubougie Signed Report
Date: 03/05/14 01:21 am Title: Chapter 1

Thanks for your insight into the female mind. :) I can only know it as an outsider. Guys have no problem with unsolicited pictures of boobs and ass, as long as they are nice, though perhaps the direct equivalent, a vagina, is less flattering and just picturing one that is moist and hairy and zoomed in from a stranger is admittedly not *that* appealing if I wasn't pre-attracted to that girl to begin with. I think the problem with guy thinking is that that is all we think we have to offer, that the rest of our body is kind of factory standard, and really it is the D that is the only thing that differentiates us from an amorphous blob, whereas girls have all kinds of interesting bits. Girls tell me all the time that they like all kinds of male body parts, but I have a hard time believing them. You know what they say, guys are a lot more visual than girls.

Anyway, fun tangent. :)

Concerning Beth, I think the reason I was left with the impression that I was left with is that, in the flashback, she kissed and was not attracted sexually to Sarah. And now, add a penis, and buh-BAM! Now she's somewhere near 100% hot for her. I just have a hard time buying into the idea that her imagination is so great that she can imagine a fully male-ified Sarah and is attracted to *that* instead of what is right in front of her. Also, if that were really the case, she would have verbalized that you'd think, though admittedly Sarah is not the most direct communicator, which after all lends to keeping Sarah (and us) delightfully mislead at this part in the story.

Two lengthy reviews to say one teensy thing that isn't worth the time or effort I put to write it or you to read it. You're doing *amazingly* with this story, so keep it up. I'm so hooked!

Author's Response: *laughs* See, women like pictures of muscular chests just as much as guys like pictures of breasts. Yes, fun tangent :3 But yes, Beth *does* have a great imagination. Is she not the author of the Greatest Slashfic Of All Time?

Reviewer: ubougie Signed Report
Date: 03/04/14 12:07 pm Title: Chapter 4

Another 10/10! Hell, 11/10! I'd rate it as such, but I almost feel this story was written for *me*, and I don't want to bias your rating too much.

Only part I found unbelievable was how Beth could be attracted to *only* a penis. Makes me think about how I saw a stand-up comedian ask the women in an audience who has received a dick pic (most hands went up) and who was happy they got said pic (all hands went down).

Maybe Beth's superpower is that she is a heterogenetalsexual?

Author's Response: *chuckles* We like Glistening Manhoods just fine in person; the problem with dickpics is their often unsolicited nature. Anywho, Beth is *not* just attracted to the Temptation Wand; it's more the implication of what it would mean to them. She likes Sarah as a person, and lack of physical attraction is just *never* gonna be a problem with a shapeshifter! Of course Sarah thinks it's the c*** itself. Because, you know... teens. Not that great at thinking.

Reviewer: Grover Signed Report
Date: 03/04/14 11:44 am Title: Chapter 4

Just a like a Teen, The clue is flashing in neon lights before her, but she doesn't see a thing. :)

Author's Response: Pretty much, yes =D Poor Sarah, would you believe me if I said she's actually smart?

Reviewer: Roadbandit Signed starstarstarstarstar Report
Date: 03/04/14 10:03 am Title: Chapter 4

Awesome work,loved it and now she thinking like a man! Great job!

Author's Response: *grins* Glad you like it!

Reviewer: athrubis Signed starstarstarstarstar Report
Date: 03/04/14 07:26 am Title: Chapter 4

another awesome chapter :) you know, i can't shake this mental image if you got the power to alter people, we would find you sitting on a street in a fold out chair with your favorite snack watching people and the chaos you cause with a very big grin on your face.

Author's Response: I can neither confirm nor deny such a thing.

Reviewer: Sir Fervante Signed starstarstarstarstar Report
Date: 03/04/14 01:28 am Title: Chapter 3


*continues to chuckle pervertedly*

Author's Response: *joins in*

Reviewer: Grover Signed Report
Date: 03/03/14 01:10 pm Title: Chapter 3

Sarah is very vulnerable at the moment and even more so to Beth. She is so eager to please and given the nature of her powers that could be a bad thing. I do hope Beth is the good friend she seems to be because the power she has over Sarah could be terribly abused.

On the other hand, Beth is attracted to her now so she did get what she wanted even if not how she wanted it. :)

PS: These mutant powers almost act like Morpheus's Twisted Universe. Be very careful what you're thinking and wishing about!

Author's Response: Funny you should mention Morpheus, that's now the second time someone has compared my work to him/her. I guess I shall have to go take a look and see what it's about.

Reviewer: WhoIAm Signed starstarstarstarstar Report
Date: 03/03/14 12:24 pm Title: Chapter 3

"Hi, my name is WhoIAm and I'm a Minikisaholic."

I didn't expect anything less than perfection from you. :D

Author's Response: Aw, I'm blushing!

Reviewer: Roadbandit Signed starstarstarstarstar Report
Date: 03/03/14 10:26 am Title: Chapter 3

Well when you get there you write a great chapter for the story! Awesome,but too short,more please.

Author's Response: *laughs* Yes, it ended up kinda short but I just couldn't help but end it there.

Reviewer: Baronesa Signed Report
Date: 03/03/14 10:04 am Title: Chapter 1

Bethilicious's mind is a scary place with all those euphemisms...

A really enjoyable read.

Author's Response: Scary...or awesome? YOU DECIDE!

Reviewer: ubougie Signed Report
Date: 03/03/14 05:29 am Title: Chapter 3

It brings me endless joy as well! Keep it up. The voices are very believable.

Author's Response: Thank you! =D

Reviewer: Ryker Signed starstarstarstarstar Report
Date: 03/03/14 04:45 am Title: Chapter 3

Pure smut. Great pure smut. Love your euphemisms for raging sex organs. Hilarious!

Author's Response: Glad you liked it! Was giggling my way through that chapter.

Reviewer: willvasco Signed starstarstarstarstar Report
Date: 03/03/14 04:32 am Title: Chapter 1


Author's Response: *laughs*

Reviewer: temptress Signed Report
Date: 03/03/14 01:05 am Title: Chapter 2

Holy cow mini! Cranking out the awesomeness like a boss! Am super excited for the new story and loved your bit with snows well. You might want to think about organizing all the stories somehow though since everything is so wonderfully developed that reading them in order is almost required. XD

Author's Response: *grins* The stories are organized though, under the Paragon Verse tag! All in order, too :)

Reviewer: athrubis Signed starstarstarstarstar Report
Date: 03/02/14 02:03 pm Title: Chapter 2

ah metahuman puberty, we all remember that...i good story, fiction is good... :P
a fun and well written beginning to another fun sounding story. i cant wait to read more :) another 5 stars for you

Author's Response: *narrows eyes suspiciously* Riiight, yes. Fiction. Seriously though, I'm glad you like it! =D

Reviewer: Grover Signed Report
Date: 03/02/14 12:55 pm Title: Chapter 2

You certainly know how to pull those OMG moments don't you? :) A few things seem obvious to us adults, like Sarah really needs to take up meditation to help with that 'desire' a change thing, but that's the point isn't it? She isn't an adult. She a teen full of rampaging 'mones, and still unsure of what she wants and needs.

Author's Response: *laughs* Yes, you've pretty much nailed it. Expecting a teenager to be ~zen~ is a rather hopeless endeavor.

Reviewer: Roadbandit Signed starstarstarstar Report
Date: 03/02/14 11:16 am Title: Chapter 2

As you develop this story,it looks like it's going to be a lot of fun!well written so far! I always thought shapeshifting was one of the best powers one could have!

Author's Response: I've always thought so, too, but it does come with its unique set of perils!

Reviewer: Zsuzsi Signed starstarstarstarstar Report
Date: 03/02/14 10:07 am Title: Chapter 2

"That's new."

Author's Response: *giggles evilly*

Reviewer: Sir Fervante Signed starstarstarstarstar Report
Date: 03/02/14 10:06 am Title: Chapter 2

Eheheheh. I know where this is going. It's going to a place I know and enjoy. Can't wait.

Author's Response: I do owe you an orgy, don't I? *strokes chin thoughtfully*

Reviewer: Baronesa Signed starstarstarstarstar Report
Date: 03/02/14 08:40 am Title: Chapter 2

Heh... "that's new"

Bethilicious is in for quite a ride with the still uncontrollable power of Sarah...

You know my bias :P

But I will l still enjoy this tale

Author's Response: So biased :3 But I'm glad you're enjoying it despite its FtM-ness!

Reviewer: Ruexin Signed Report
Date: 03/02/14 06:50 am Title: Chapter 2

Haha, aw, how fun!

Crazy unsupported theory: Beth is an evil supervillain.

More realistic theory: Cute couple inbound!

I like the idea of desire based shapeshifting. Has a lot of cool possibilities whenever Sarah loses focus.

I look forward to more chapters :)

Author's Response: *grins* Damn, now I wish that was the big twist, but no, Beth is just your run of the mill terrible slashfic writer. The next chapter is going to have insight into her psyche - and it's my favorite.

Reviewer: ubougie Signed starstarstarstarstar Report
Date: 03/01/14 01:57 pm Title: Chapter 1

Heh, another FtM from you, and another one I adore. You're really good at this word composition into story thing.

Author's Response: *grins* I figured you would like this one!

Reviewer: Hobosteve Signed starstarstarstar Report
Date: 03/01/14 03:26 am Title: Chapter 1

I liked the story! Could you maybe do a male to female version of this?

Author's Response: *chuckles* Nope, this one's FtM, which I like writing precisely because it's so rare. I just finished a really long MtF story though, so if you enjoy the writing style here, and want MtF, I recommend you check that one out!

Reviewer: Brickfish Signed Report
Date: 02/28/14 09:59 pm Title: Chapter 1

Would this be the origin story of platypus man?
Can't wait regardless. :)

Author's Response: *laughs* Alas, no. The Ghost Platypus chose to bless someone else with it infectuous bite.

Reviewer: Lilly64 Signed starstarstarstar Report
Date: 02/28/14 05:57 pm Title: Chapter 1

Your quality of writing is still high, my only problem with it is that I'm going to be actively turned off during the transformation sequences. I just don't much care for f2m. I expect extra steamy sex scenes however, so I will stay.

Author's Response: Yeah, this story is gonna be like...50% steamy sex scenes. It really is just smut to clear my head *laughs*

Reviewer: Person42 Signed starstarstarstarstar Report
Date: 02/28/14 11:58 am Title: Chapter 1

And now I want to see Shade and Diane in this story too. Good job. Yet another of your stories I'm going to be following. *Sighs.* I'm ready for your cliffhangers.

Author's Response: Aw. No cliffhangers here! *subtly brushes Chapter 2 under the carpet*

Reviewer: Roadbandit Signed starstarstarstar Report
Date: 02/28/14 10:53 am Title: Chapter 1

Well this is interesting,I like this story line too! Great work!

Author's Response: Glad you like it! :)

Reviewer: sspate16 Signed starstarstarstarstar Report
Date: 02/28/14 10:32 am Title: Chapter 1

This one promises to be funny in all the embarrassing teenaged ways. I wonder if Sarah will end up wearing a cape?

Author's Response: Good question! I honestly have not decided, I'll see where her character takes me!

Reviewer: Baronesa Signed starstarstarstarstar Report
Date: 02/28/14 09:05 am Title: Chapter 1

This one promises to be a great story :)

The civilian side of Paragon Verse and some self discovery are in order!

Author's Response: Yes! Fun shall be had. And sexy times.

Reviewer: IanCSamson Signed Report
Date: 02/28/14 06:49 am Title: Chapter 1

Interesting! Love seeing the civilian side of Paragon (the mom sounds like she's lived here too long, heh), loooved seeing the origin of the smutfic, and Sarah is a bubbly, hyper, fun breath away from drama and gravitas. Fun times!

Shapeshifting is such a cool power, and I love how you've tied it into her fantasies and desires, making it hard to control in the most fun and embarrassing ways - like a genie's lamp that never grants a wish exactly the way you want it. So much potential! Can't wait for more!

Author's Response: I'm glad you like Sarah's personality! She's still a bit undefined in my head, but that's getting better. Shapeshifting will indeed pose a number of challenges for her which she is not the slightest bit prepared for :3

Reviewer: Amanda R Signed Report
Date: 02/28/14 06:02 am Title: Chapter 1

Very cute start. Will be interesting to see how this develops.

Author's Response: Pr0n. It will develop into pr0n. I really can't stress enough of very devoid of substance this story will be xD

Reviewer: Sir Fervante Signed starstarstarstarstar Report
Date: 02/28/14 05:41 am Title: Chapter 1

Ehehehehehe...I like this...this could be fun.

There was a large portion of italic that didn't quite make sense in the middle. You may have forgot to close the italic html brackets somewhere in there. I tend to do that every now and then.

Author's Response: No, that was a flashback! Sarah musing about their one and only kiss. Hm, wonder if I can't make that clearer somehow...

Reviewer: Desert Willow Signed starstarstarstarstar Report
Date: 02/28/14 05:19 am Title: Chapter 1

...Let's see, you fluff up the eggwhites like so, then add to the dries along with the liquids. Stir while the iron heats up, and...

Oh right, the rating! *Bumps up this story*

Author's Response: *laughs* Thank you!

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