Story Tracking
I think I've temporarily restored the story tracking feature. Check to see if it's working for you, and leave a comment.
--Joe on 02/03/20 06:24 pm 13 Comments
It appears not to have worked. I followed Ryn of avonside after your shout out request, and it did not inform me after it updated. This might have been after the chapter was submitted and before it was approved, though.
- Foundling_Fae on 02/06/20 02:51 am
It is working for me.
- Soumahr on 02/06/20 05:24 am
Thanks for the info! Everything helps.
- TG Storytime on 02/06/20 06:17 pm
Doesn't seem to be working for me, either. Maybe there's a delay or something. I followed a bunch of random stories and haven't received any notices yet.
- ZZChromosome on 02/10/20 06:51 am
It didn't work for me, sorry; I followed Getting Into Character, and didn't get a notification when chapter 3 was uploaded.
- OfficiallyZoe on 02/10/20 03:38 pm
It did just work for me. I have no idea what the different environment was, but it might be dependent on recently read? As in, if you're checking day last read but not time last read.
- Foundling_Fae on 02/10/20 05:26 pm
Thanks for the info. It's very helpful.
- TG Storytime on 02/12/20 07:11 am
Yay! It's working again!
- Lailaluvs00 on 02/15/20 04:08 pm
Hehe. It works for me.
- Shadowgale on 02/16/20 11:59 pm
Seems to work for me! Thanks!
- Sapphire on 02/19/20 05:37 am
It’s working for me. Thanks.
- Tara5 on 02/19/20 09:46 am
Sorry. I've tried, but no result. Started a new job this week, so I'd dearly love a tracker that worked, so I could save time, but... nada...
- ZZChromosome on 02/21/20 05:06 am
- CasLon on 02/21/20 06:20 am
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