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TG Storytime error tracking thread
--Joe on 08/10/19 04:23 pm 12 Comments
After our move, here are the known issues:

- Story Tracking is not functional
- Funny characters in text

and of course

- Discussion board not working
- TG Storytime on 08/10/19 04:24 pm
Hi, I'm still having one issue. I can't get the site to load up on my galaxy tab 2 with the android OS. It comes up cannot establish a secure connection. I cleared the cashe and cookies, still doesn't load. I don't know if it's a problem on my end or yours. Taarpa
- Taarpa on 08/11/19 07:04 pm
@Taarpa I'm gonna have to say that's a problem on your end. Not that I can absolve our site of causing weird problems — as we've seen plenty of that lately — but in the past, this has been something that's happening on the user's end.

If you're using Chrome, type "chrome://net-internals/#DNS" into the address bar, then a page will come up, and click the "Clear Host Cache" button. That's a deeper a cache clearing process.
- TG Storytime on 08/11/19 07:18 pm
I Know I am not the most prolific user but some issues I found when tried to put in a new story. But otherwise great place.
- theprotectors on 08/12/19 07:27 am
We're aware that the site will become unresponsive 1 or 2 times a day, but it usually clears up in 5 or 10 minutes. This is probably due to some kind of background maintenance process on the server, or we're being indexed by Google or Bing. I'll see if there's anything that can be done about it. It may just be something we have to live with.

...And by the way, because we don't have throttling, we've put the site back on Google and other search engines so people can find us again.
- TG Storytime on 08/15/19 04:40 am
Yeah me too, I can't see any of my tracked stories anymore.
- DreamerVTT on 08/28/19 08:26 am
About three times a day it goes offline for me for about 15 minutes each time it usually happens while I'm reading and go to the next chapter :c
- Clare bear on 09/15/19 06:39 am
It’s not only tracking stories that doesn’t work. I can’t favorite stories either. It still has my favorite stories from before the crash but I can’t add anymore.
- Tara5 on 09/23/19 06:52 pm
Hi Joe, thank you for all the work you put into this site. Any word on when the discussion forum might be up and running again?
- brucejedi on 10/04/19 08:20 pm
@brucejedi The issue with the forum is that it's going to be a week-plus of work to do it. I have to set up a test site, then install everything, then work through the steps to integrate the forum software, make it look nice and then troubleshoot everything. It's almost as much work as putting up an entirely new site. So when i get the time, I'll do it, but I can't be sure I'll have that kind of time... For a while.
- TG Storytime on 10/04/19 09:42 pm
Darn, I logged in to inquire as to the progress of the forum. It's a bummer to learn that it won't be back up in the near future, but as I run a website of my own I understand all too well the process you have to undergo to get it back up.
- DAW on 10/05/19 02:57 pm
Been noticing some problems loading the page in the past few days. I take it its due to the server's being worked on? Hate to see it go down, I love this site!
- DaniellaD on 10/07/19 11:34 pm
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