Sci-Fi Gender Change
Sci-Fi Gender Change 1057
When the gender change comes from speculative science.
Sci-Fi Crossdressing and TV
Sci-Fi Crossdressing and TV 33
When a crossdressing story features Science-Fiction themes.
Sissy Story
Sissy Story 149
Stories about males made up to resemble ultra-feminine girly-girls.
Magical Gender Change
Magical Gender Change 1826
When the gender change comes from magic.
Magical Crossdressing and TV
Magical Crossdressing and TV 43
For stories where crossdressing derives from magical elements.
She-Male Story
She-Male Story 49
Stories where the transformed man still retains his most masculine part.
Realistic Gender Change
Realistic Gender Change 568
Stories where a character changes gender in a conventional manner.
Realistic Crossdressing and TV
Realistic Crossdressing and TV 410
Stories with a crossdressing and/or transvestite theme, but based on realism.
Non-Story 61
For information or other items that are not stories or poems.
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